Terms and Conditions

1. Purpose

The purpose of Essex Gluten Free is to help website users to find gluten free food options across Essex.

The primary aims and aspirations of the website owner are:

  • Display listings for gluten free businesses serving the residents of, and visitors to, the county of Essex, UK
  • Improve awareness of the gluten free diet
  • Encourage local businesses to offer gluten free food and drink options on their menus and in their retail premises
  • Empower those following a gluten free diet, by giving them the ability to visit an increasing number of venues within the county

2. Key Principles

  • To provide a platform for local residents and visitors to find relevant information quickly and easily
  • To provide local businesses with a platform to promote their gluten free products
  • To utilise advertising income to pay for the costs of hosting and maintaining the website, without compromising on user interaction
  • To design the website in a way that is considerate of users with accessibility restrictions
  • To be open to suggestions for change and improvement, in order to serve website users better

3. Membership

Any person who is interested in gluten free food and drink in Essex is welcome to become a member of this website.

Users who are found to be leaving false reviews (positive or negative) or who are using launguage that is derogatory, pejorative, or offensive will be removed from the website.

There is currently no membership fee.

4. Business Listings

Business listings added to the website will be subject to manual approval by the website owner. Listings which are irrelevant, incorrect, or a duplication of an existing listing will not be approved.

The website owner makes every effort to ensure that only businesses which offer gluten free products are listed, however this is dependant on information provided by business owners. Product availability is subject to change.

The website owner retains the right to remove listings and to close this website at any time.

Reviews left on business listings are personal opinions expressed by website users and may not reflect the beliefs of the website owner or other website users. False, misleading, or spam reviews will be removed from the website.

Although every effort is made to ensure this website gives an accurate representation of gluten free product availability, the responsibility of providing gluten free products remains with the business owners. If you are unsure, please ensure you ask the business before purchasing or consuming any products.

The website owner is not responsible for any illness or damage caused by the purchase or consumption of products obtained through businesses listed on this website.

5. Advertisements and Revenue

The website owner utilises advertising space on this website to pay for the running and maintenance costs of the website and social media platforms.

Advertisements and paid features will be clearly marked so that users are well informed.

The website owner will take all steps possible to ensure that advertisements are suitable for a wide audience and will take steps to remove advertisements that are offensive, sexualised, or otherwise found to be inappropriate.

The website owner cannot be held responsible for any claims made by advertisers. 

6. Website Improvements

The website owner retains the right to make changes and improvements to this website at any time, as well as removing content and closing the site.

The website owner will take steps to ensure that (where possible) any website down time is limited and/or restricted to times that cause the least disruption to website users.

These terms and conditions were last updated on: 5th May 2022

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